Photos: Dan Deacon + Wume, secret show at Metro Gallery

Pictures from the secret Dan Deacon and Wume show at Metro Gallery, Baltimore, April 15. A new Wume LP will becoming out on Ehse Records this year.

Photos by Alexandra Brandon and Stewart Mostofsky.


(SS013) Sunatirene – “Trepanning”

Trepanning, the new album from Sunatirene, is now available through download and cassette on Ehse Records (SS013). Sunatirene ( sún-ah-chur-ráin) is the electronic-acoustic solo project of Baltimore based musician and performance artist Sydney Spann. Drawing from musique concrete, folk music, and pop motifs, she uses field recordings, archival samples, strings, and her voice as soundscaping and storytelling tools. Props and projections are symbols that contribute to her narrative.

Trepanning was recorded almost two years ago and represents stage one in the growth process of Sunatirene- an evolving alter ego. In this stage, she is a hybrid breed of witch. She’s from the sea, but also from southern swamps, from oceanic mangroves, from Scotch moors and marshlands, tropical tundra, from the brine lakes and subterranean rivers’ banks. Trepanning is an aural interpretation of those colliding environments and paradoxical imaginary biomes. Collaging found samples with field recordings, adopted folk songs set to rewritten melodies, and stream-of-consciousness turned into lyrical passages to navigate through shifting soundscapes are all forms of research.

A release show for Trepanning will be held on April 10 in the garage of the Copycat building in Baltimore. Other performers include Odwalla88 and Caroline Marcantoni, as well as exhibitions of work from Mateo Marquez, Val Karuskevich, Grace Davis and Sydney Spann herself.

Ehse Records @ PMF VI

Ehse Records will be appearing this weekend at the sixth annual Publications and Multiples Fair organized by Open Space. This year’s PMF is taking place at Baltimore Design School on March 28th and 29th. The annual exposition provides the opportunity to admire, collect, and discuss artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple; and will be featuring works from over 100 local and national artists. The event is free and open to the public.

For more information visit

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Ehse on Ice 2015 featured in City Paper

Combining experimental music with ice skating, Ehse on Ice returned this year to Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena, with a lineup featuring live sets by Sunatirene and Ro, and DJ sets by Matmos and Caroline Marcantoni. Baltimore City Paper covered the event, and pictures can be viewed here.

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Bobby Donnie and Other People Play the Bobby Donnie Songs

The duo of Bobby Donnie (Stephanie Barber and Joan Sullivan), celebrated the release of their debut LP “Bobby Donnie Plays the Bobby Donnie Songs” with a record release show at The True Vine, featuring a multitude of musicians covering the album’s songs; as well as Bobby Donnie themselves.

“Bobby Donnie Plays the Bobby Donnie Songs” (Ehse 026) is now available on Ehse Records.


Nerftoss: “Dream of Pennies” Video.

“Maiden Powers”, the forthcoming LP by Nerftoss, is due out in one week on Ehse Records. In the meantime, watch the video for the latest track “Dream of Pennies”, a perfect blend of sharp, danceable beats and subdued, ambient textures with a video that blends excited dogs with pastel visuals.

Maiden Powers is available November 11 on LP and digitally via Ehse Records.

New Nerftoss Track, “Bottomless” featured on Pitchfork.

“Bottomless” is the latest track from the upcoming Nerftoss (AKA John Jones) album “Maiden Powers”, check it out above via SoundCloud, and read Marc Masters’ write-up of the track on Pitchfork.

Maiden Powers is due out November 11 on Ehse Records.

Mole Suit Choir on Listen In with Ellen Cherry

Watch CityPaper’s 2013 pick for Best Country and Folk Band talk history and play an intimate living room set on Listen In with Ellen Cherry. Campfire Spacesuit (Ehse SS009) is available now on Ehse Records.

Horse Lords May/June Tour Dates

Horse Lords performing at last weekend’s fundraiser for High Zero (Photo: CityPaper)


Next week Horse Lords will embark on a one-month tour of North America. Check below for dates and revisit their self-titled LP (Ehse 023) here.

5/29 Philadelphia, PA @ JR’s Bar

5/30 New York Trans @ Pecos

5/31 Boston, MA @ TBA

6/1 Providence, RI @ Machines With Magnets

6/3 Northampton, MA @ The Blahst World

6/4 Hudson, NY @ Basilica

6/5 Buffalo, NY @ TBA

6/6 Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s

6/8 Chicago, IL @ Conny Plank’s House

6/10 Athens, GA @ Go Bar

6/11 Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery

6/12 Columbia, SC @ TBA

6/13 Boone, NC @ Black Cat

6/14 Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s

6/16 Burlington, VT @ The Monkey House

6/17 Montreal, QC @ Trash Bar

6/18 Toronto, ON @ The Great Hall

6/19 Toronto, ON @ Adelaide Hall

6/20 Toronto, ON @ TBA

6/21 Chicago, IL @ Situations

6/26 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery


New Tapes from Andrew Bernstein and Baseball Cap + Release Show


The spring upon us brings new tapes of ethereal sound from noise experimentalist stalwarts Baseball Cap and Andrew Bernstein.

Bernstein’s “The Insane Root” (EHSE SS011) is the sounds of the Baltimore Annex Theatre’s Spring 2013 production of Macbeth, the title taken from Banquo’s words upon meeting the three witches. While born from the DNA of that performance, Bernstein has rearranged these sounds specifically for the recorded format. At moments dark yet airy, both sides shift into something pleasantly textural yet throughly tense, significant to the complementary work.

“Idiot’s Smile” (EHSE SS012) is the first Ehse release from Baseball Cap, aka Christian Filardo. Ranging from lush and peaceful to dense with tones of anxiety, all seven tracks share a slow burn into the dizzying cacophony that is the heart of the record.

Ehse Records is celebrating with a release show on Saturday, April 19 at the Hideous Mansion (2452 Eutaw Place). Read more about the show and the new albums in Bret McCabe’s “Booed Music” column from Baltimore CityPaper here.

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