White Life Returns

It’s been over two years since Ehse Records released White Life’s fantastically catchy self-titled LP (Ehse 019), and with the group taking just over a year off from performing, many were wondering if they’d be seen again. After a calendar year that has included the debut release of his pop outfit Dungeonesse, as well as a rare surprise performance with The Art Department at this year’s ScapeScape, WL’s Jon Ehrens says the wait is over. We reached out to Jon recently to tell us why White Life had been silent and what we can expect from them in 2014.

How long has it been since White Life has played?

Our last show was at [The Baltimore Museum of Art], about a year ago – it was for the opening of the contemporary wing. We played two hour long sets!

What was the motivation for you and the band to start playing shows again?

My sister was pregnant, and I was working on other things, but now she has her baby Eisley and wants to get back to singing.

Is White Life preparing material for the upcoming year? When can we expect it?

Yes, we have a few songs in various stages of recording – here’s hoping I can get them done soon!

Recently we’ve seen you release more pop-oriented material with Jenn Wasner as Dungeonesse. Has writing more pop music in the past year affected how you approach the aesthetic you explored “White Life”?

I spent a lot of my formative years neglecting certain aspects of music, most notably rhythm and production. The years in which I made the white life record and the Dungeonesse record, I devoted most of my efforts on improving in those areas. Now I’m trying to combine all of the things I’ve learned.

Can we expect new material to debut at the Jan. 12 show? 

I think all of the songs have been played live before, but not all of them are recorded.


You can see White Life make their return at the Chiffon EP Release show, January 12 at The Crown in Baltimore, MD with fellow guests Chiffon, Gh∞st and Meth Dad.


White Life at the French Embassy

White Life was featured on BrightestYoungThings as the French Underground Video of the day in support of their show at the French Embassy on Friday, October 12th. The French Underground show takes places at La Maison Française.

White Life Spring Tour Dates

5/3 – Washington DC @ DC9 w/ DDm and Big/Bright
5/6 – Brooklyn, NYC @ DBA w/ Sassoon, DDm and SHAMS
5/8 – Providence, RI @ Black Box w/ Ddm, Tierdrops and Kolour kult
5/9 – Boston, MA @ White Haus w/ DDm, Gorilla Toss, GAY and Hot Company
5/18 – Atlanta, GA @ The 529 w/ Wowser Bowser, and Mediocre Machines
5/19 – Athens, GA @ TBA
5/20 – Raleigh, NC @ TBA
5/25 – Baltimore, MD @ Soft House w/ Sassoon, North America and more TBA

White Life Show @ Ottobar

White Life plays Ottobar tonight with DDM and Dope Body opening up. Come out, maybe you’ll hear a new song or two!

Doors open @8:30. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the door or in advance here.

RSVP On Facebook

White Life – Jon Ehrens Interview w/ TJ And The Tux

Awesome interview on Shock And Awesome!
Jon talks about the music scene, getting the shit beat out of him, and the “couch surfing scene” in Baltimore, White Life’s sound and inspiration, also writing hit songs, capitalism, masturbation, and making people cry. Enjoy!

You can download the entire podcast on itunes (type “Shock And Awesome” into search) or Stream the interview here.

Stream, download, or purchase White Life’s debut album.

White Life – Time Is Wasting Video

White Life Tour Dates

TUE 8/16 BROOKLYN, NY: KNITTING FACTORY w/Ami Dang, Gangatronics, & Heaven’s Jail

WED 8/17 NYC 8:00pm: PIANOS w/ Fan-Tan, Sherlock?s Daughter, & Ravens & Chimes presented by Stark Online http://www.pianosnyc.com/showroom/8172011-sherlock-s-daughter

THU 8/18: BOSTON, MA 9:00pm: MILKY WAY LOUNGE w/ Original Organix, DJ Leah, & Krisjin & Feed the Tiger http://www.milkywayjp.com/event/?id=837

FRI 8/19: PROVIDENCE, RI 10:00pm: SALON BAR w/ Savage Soul feat. DJ?s Micah Jackson http://www.thesalonpvd.com/calendar.html

SAT 8/20: NORTHAMPTON, MA: BAR 11 w/ Lord Jeff

8/21 – 8/23: TBD

WED 8/24: WINOOSKI, VT 9:00PM: MONKEY HOUSE w/ Lawrence Welks * Our Bear to Cross http://monkeyhousemusic.com/calendar/2011-8-24-white-life


FRI 8/26: DETROIT, MI: at El Comal


SUN 8/28: CHICAGO, IL: Sweet Forril (Secret Location)

WED 8/31: BALTIMORE, MD: Floristree w/ Moss Of Aura

Ami Dang & White Life – Remix Recap

White Life’s Time is Wasting remixed by Schwarz

White Life- Time Is Wasting (Schwarz Remix) by SCHWARZ

Ami Dang’s Manali remixed by Schwarz

Ami Dang- Manali (Schwarz Remix) by SCHWARZ

Another Remix of Ami’s Manali by White Life’s own Jon Ehrens aka JohnnyEK on Sound Cloud.

Manali (AMI DANG juke REMIX) by JohnnyEK

White Life – Blog Post Frenzy

White Life’s “Time Is Wasting” was recently featured on quite a few sites including ‘Witness This’ and ‘scatter brains!!’

“Time is Wasting, wastes no time inviting the listener to the smooth, catchy party that is White Life – makes you check your worries at the door, hands you a cold adult beverage and introduces you to a hot dance partner to make memories with.” – Witness This

“can i say this is delicious?  when i first saw reference to yeasayer i said no.  but then i said yes, and danced a little (tim horton’s is still getting used to me).  i’m starting to learn if it comes from baltimore, check it out immediately” – scatter brains!!

Andrew Bernstein – Suspicious Stimulus Release: Unnatural Music For Cassette

If you haven’t been keeping up with our Suspicious Stimulus Tape Series, quit sleeping and go grab Andrew Bernstein’s (of White Life & Dan Deacon Ensemble)  “Unnatural Music for Cassette” before they’re all gone. Our third cassette release in the series is limited to just 50 copies and can be found over at The True Vine in Baltimore, KA-CHUNK!! Records in Annapolis, or ordered postage paid for $5, streamed or downloaded on the Suspicious Stimulus page.

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