Ami Dang – “Amorphous Absolute” Remix

Here’s a sunny reggae remix of “Amorphous Absolute”. A new spin on the final track from Ami’s album Hukam, released earlier this month on Ehse.

Ami Dang-Amorphous Absolute (motion graphics remix unmixed) by Motion Graphics

At the moment, Ami is rounding up the last few shows of her Southern U.S. Tour with fellow locals The Art Department. She was recently featured in a short review on and in case you missed it, three weeks ago Ami graced the cover of Baltimore’s City Paper. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy of your own, there’s a link to Bret McCabe’s article below.

“The music of Ami Dang feels as though it’s in a place of near constant flux. That’s not to imply that it’s without a center, for her transporting vocal and sitar work definitely exudes a captivating soul. That’s also not to imply that she’s still finding her way, for her music bears her unique fingerprint, which engagingly blends the sounds and forms of the East with different aspects of the rhythmic West. And it’s not to imply that her music wanders with no direction: There’s an intelligence and purpose behind her various styles, but they sometimes produce very different feelings and moods…” – Bret McCabe, City Paper – January 5, 2011

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New Video: Dog Leather – “Troll Spray”

Dog Leather is DJ Dog Dick and Sewn Leather‘s collaboration. Check out this new video for the song “Troll Spray” directed by Dog Leather and Andrew Storrs. This is just a glance at their upcoming album to be released here on Ehse.

Also below you’ll find a 27 minute live set filmed two weekends ago here in Baltimore at The Lonesome Dove.

Dog Leather will be playing Ehse On Ice one week from tonight, on January 29th, along with Archer Twins and more!

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