Angels In America – “Narrow Road To The Interior” FMA Review

Angels in America’s “Narrow Road To The Interior” was given a 10/10 from Free Music Archive!

“Each track is a different ember in the fire and burns with a poetic narrative that mixes the abstract with the concrete, providing an etching to navigate your own soul search with. All the tracks are most compelling and completely disorienting – in a mysterious walk in the woods / harrowing tale, sort of way, with myriad listens –and Angels in America will hypnotize you in to making this part of your daily ritual — you drift further into your own spiritual mindset, search through the ashes and get a little closer towards the actual Meaning of Life. For in this utterly, utterly beautiful swirl-away, it is obvious, Merv & Moppy already know it.

If you haven’t purchused their LP yet — I think you should. This is going to be a collectors item in a few years.”

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