Snacks To Release Video, “GASA: Memory Overload”

Snacks, known for their infamous video posts including “Turkish Snack Wars” and “Exquisite Dancin’ Corpses”, are working on the production of their epic “GASA: Memory Overload”. A message from them about this project: “Snacks are in the midst of a large video project, titled ‘GASA: Memory Overload’. It is a ‘yolking’ of all or most of our various interests from the past 8 years of our being. It’s a “silent movie” of sorts, but perhaps more appropriately it’s a cartoon with “real” people and “sets”. Possibly running to more than 45 mins, utilizing contributions from many of the people we know, it is by far the biggest bird we’ve put into the oven in the 8 years….” Checkout a blog about the video at There are pics and commentary and soon there will be trailers and teasers.

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