New Tapes from Andrew Bernstein and Baseball Cap + Release Show


The spring upon us brings new tapes of ethereal sound from noise experimentalist stalwarts Baseball Cap and Andrew Bernstein.

Bernstein’s “The Insane Root” (EHSE SS011) is the sounds of the Baltimore Annex Theatre’s Spring 2013 production of Macbeth, the title taken from Banquo’s words upon meeting the three witches. While born from the DNA of that performance, Bernstein has rearranged these sounds specifically for the recorded format. At moments dark yet airy, both sides shift into something pleasantly textural yet throughly tense, significant to the complementary work.

“Idiot’s Smile” (EHSE SS012) is the first Ehse release from Baseball Cap, aka Christian Filardo. Ranging from lush and peaceful to dense with tones of anxiety, all seven tracks share a slow burn into the dizzying cacophony that is the heart of the record.

Ehse Records is celebrating with a release show on Saturday, April 19 at the Hideous Mansion (2452 Eutaw Place). Read more about the show and the new albums in Bret McCabe’s “Booed Music” column from Baltimore CityPaper here.

Marcel D. Swamp’s New Tape + Release Show

Come join us Sunday, February 23 at Baltimore’s The Bank to celebrate Marcel D. Swamp’s new tape and Ehse Records debut “Exact Cover Problem”.

A departure from the harshness and intensity of earlier releases, “Exact Cover Problem” sees Marcel D. Swamp utilizing cleaner tones and minimal melodic sequences to create a highly textural set of new compositions that the artist says “evoke senses of aggression under control and the other-worldly working of mathematics.”

“Exact Cover Problem” (EHSE SS010) is available now on Ehse Records. Stream the album below.

Baseball Cap “Early” Music Video


Baseball Cap has graced us with the video for his track “Early” off the album “Idiot’s Smile” soon to be released on Ehse Records. It’s a mesmerizing slow burn of a video worth watching with your full attention. Stay tuned for more information on the full album.

White Life Returns

It’s been over two years since Ehse Records released White Life’s fantastically catchy self-titled LP (Ehse 019), and with the group taking just over a year off from performing, many were wondering if they’d be seen again. After a calendar year that has included the debut release of his pop outfit Dungeonesse, as well as a rare surprise performance with The Art Department at this year’s ScapeScape, WL’s Jon Ehrens says the wait is over. We reached out to Jon recently to tell us why White Life had been silent and what we can expect from them in 2014.

How long has it been since White Life has played?

Our last show was at [The Baltimore Museum of Art], about a year ago – it was for the opening of the contemporary wing. We played two hour long sets!

What was the motivation for you and the band to start playing shows again?

My sister was pregnant, and I was working on other things, but now she has her baby Eisley and wants to get back to singing.

Is White Life preparing material for the upcoming year? When can we expect it?

Yes, we have a few songs in various stages of recording – here’s hoping I can get them done soon!

Recently we’ve seen you release more pop-oriented material with Jenn Wasner as Dungeonesse. Has writing more pop music in the past year affected how you approach the aesthetic you explored “White Life”?

I spent a lot of my formative years neglecting certain aspects of music, most notably rhythm and production. The years in which I made the white life record and the Dungeonesse record, I devoted most of my efforts on improving in those areas. Now I’m trying to combine all of the things I’ve learned.

Can we expect new material to debut at the Jan. 12 show? 

I think all of the songs have been played live before, but not all of them are recorded.


You can see White Life make their return at the Chiffon EP Release show, January 12 at The Crown in Baltimore, MD with fellow guests Chiffon, Gh∞st and Meth Dad.


Congratulations to Mole Suit Choir

December means it’s time for the year-end lists, and Baltimore’s own City Paper gave special recognition to Mole Suit Choir’s album Campfire Spacesuit (Ehse SS009) in their yearly roundup. The alt weekly placed the album at number 9 on its Top Ten Local Experimental and Avant-Garde Albums list and at number 1 on its Top Ten Local Folk and Country Releases list. To revisit CP’s October conversation with the winning duo, click here.

Roller Ehse 2013 in City Paper

Once again, Roller Ehse 2013 was a night to remember. Luckily for those who sadly couldn’t make it out or are looking to relive to night’s festivities, Baltimore City Paper was there to capture the evening.

Above, Myconids’ Karl Ekdahl hits the rink before the first concert set of the night.

To see more, visit the full City Paper gallery as a slideshow here.

Roller Ehse 2013.

Thank you all who came out on Saturday to Roller Ehse 2013 featuring Baltimore’s own Myconids and Chiffon. Ehse Records has a years-long history of marrying experimental music with skating activities, and the tradition raged on in full effect this past weekend thanks to all of you who made it out to Shake ‘n Bake. For those who sadly missed out, stayed tuned over the next couple of months for word on the next annual Ehse on Ice, set to take place early next year.

Mole Suit Choir in City Paper


City Paper took a comprehensive look at the origins and development of the duos music, outlining it as both “ancient and futuristic, avant-garde and deeply traditional.” The article goes on to say that Mole Suit Choir’s music “embodies the best of the city’s music scene today, while also remaining timeless.”

To read more about the Downing-Wondolowski colab and their beginnings, check out the article here.

Don’t miss the album release show tomorrow, November 3rd! Event here.

Mole Suit Choir Release Extravaganza

Mole Suit Choir Live


Come experience the live artistry of Mole Suit Choir with Liz Downing and Rupert Wondolowski as they perform songs from their album, Campfire Spacesuit ! Also, enjoy the sounds of Nathan Bell and Liz Durrete, as well as the words of author/filmmaker Stephanie Barber and author Megan McShea. Meet the minds at Metro Gallery on November 3rd. The festivities begin at 7:30pm… Be sure to check out the Mole Suit Choir release in the meantime! 

FB Event here.

Horse Lords ROCK BAUTUMN Tour

Horse Lords will embarking on a month-long US tour tomorrow. Be sure to check them out in your city!

10.1: Brooklyn, NY @ SECRET PROJECT ROBOT w/Kid Millions/Greg Fox duo
10.2: Philadephia, PA @ ORTLIEBS
10.3: Annandale-on-Hudson, NY @ SMOG
10.4: Burlington, VT @ ANGIOPLASTY STUDIO
10.5: Montreal, QBC Free Show @ BRASSERIE BEAUBIEN
10.6: Toronto, ON Free Show @ THE BOAT
10.7: Cleveland, OH @ TBA
10.9: Chicago, IL @ THE BURLINGTON
10.10: Lawrence, KS @ THE REPLAY LOUNGE
10.11: Denver, CO @ GL0B
10.12: Salt Lake City, UT @ BURT’S TIKI LOUNGE
10.14: Portland, OR @ KENTON CLUB w/ DJ ason Urick
10.16: Oakand, CA @ L1FE CHANG1NG M1N1STR1ES
10.18: Los Angeles, CA @ THE H4NDB4G F4CT0RY
10.19: San Diego, CA @ THE BANCROFT
10.20: Tucson, AZ @ SOLAR CULTURE w/Cave
10.21: Marfa, TX @ PADRES w/Cave
10.25: Houston, TX @ MANGOS
10.26: New Orleans, LA @ UN1T3D B4KERY
10.27: Birmingham, AL @ THE F1REHOUS3
10.28: Charleston, SC @ TBA
10.29: Athens, GA @ ECHO
10.30: Asheville, NC @ APOTHECARY
10.31: Raleigh, NC @ NEPTUNES
11.1: Charlottesville, VA @ TEA BAZAAR

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